How we create value

From our start in Hong Kong in 2003 to our expansion to mainland China in 2008, Life Solutions has been developing relationships and providing premium quality service to our clients. We are proud to have existing relationships with clients that date back to our earliest founding years, as well as more newly developed relationships across China’s corporate, hospitality and residential sectors.

We benefit customers through our high quality water filtration products, reliable services and operations, including our social impact work. We provide our excellent clean water delivery systems and services to clients in offices, hotels, hospitals, universities, airports, R & D facilities and schools.

Our customers range from some of the largest international corporations to smaller boutique firms, and from home-owners with high end residences to tenants who just want a simple system that reliably delivers clean water without the need for plastic bottle pollution. Over the years, we have grown our service footprint geographically, and now service clients in more than 25 Chinese cities.

What our clients have to say

EF Education First
As one of the largest global education providers, EF has a strong presence in China and widespread geographical footprint. We are incredibly proud to be EF’s service provider for clean and healthy water in more over 20 cities in the region. Over a number of years, we have fostered a collaborative long term relationship that spreads across many of their campuses, schools and management offices.
Request your free water test today
Water tests can identify contaminants and prevent water-borne diseases. Globally, millions of water quality tests are carried out daily to fulfill regulatory requirements, to check water quality levels, and to maintain safety. We are happy to provide a free water test for you.

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(Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Only)
Regarded by many as the premium water filtration service provider in the region, we are often recommended by designers and project management firms because of our unwavering approach towards product and water quality, as well as our professional service delivery.
Hines – One Museum Place
We at Life Solutions are proud to have Hines as a client. Their excellently designed Shanghai office at One Museum Place is both a pleasure to visit and work at. With clean drinking water supplied through our Billi water filtration systems, tenants – whether international corporations, local companies or even fashion design enterprises – are able to enjoy tasty water with their morning tea or coffee, or a chilled glass of water in the afternoon.
Hong Kong International Airport
Often referred to as ‘the airport that never sleeps’ and with over 220 worldwide destinations, Hong Kong International Airport is truly a global hub for travelers. Recognised for its design, comfort and efficiency, HKIA has been awarded more than 80 industry awards and the airport’s strong commitment to sustainability has contributed to these accolades.