Social Impact Together we make positive change

We believe Corporate Responsibility means accountability, honesty and fairness. We have a responsibility to our clients and society to provide safe and clean drinking water to people in China. Our Social Impact work – whether in the office, a project with our sustainability partners or at an environmental site – is an extension of our Mission and Values.

We make a positive difference when clients buy and use our energy efficient, clean water delivery systems, as well as when they avoid using plastic drinking bottles. We make a social impact when we collaborate with our partners on projects and programs that benefit society as a whole, such as Meatless Monday or the Paperback Program. We contribute to important conversations and build understanding based on evidence and experience by conducting Educational Seminars. We also make a difference through hands-on work, such as the Yangtze River Plastic Pick Up, or when we donate water filtration systems and on-going maintenance services to charities, so they can have access to clean drinking water – sometimes for the very first time.

In working in today’s globalized, dynamic and complex world, we acknowledge that doing the right thing is not always easy. We continue to learn, grow and contribute where we can, within areas that are relevant for improving overall health, water security and water quality.

By doing our best for our clients, partners, staff, suppliers, society and the environment, we see that it is worth doing – and we are proud to do it too.