• XL Levered
  • XT Touch
  • Brushed
  • Chrome
  • Matte black
  • Matte white
  • Rose gold
  • N/A
  • 120mm riser and font
  • 70mm riser and font
  • N/A
  • For dual dispenser 2mtrs


Boiling and chilled filtered under-bench drinking water unit, including temperature dispenser with integrated safety switch.

Elegant, energy efficient and space saving drinking system suitable for a small business, luxury hotel or large family in a premium home.

Supplier:Life Solutions
Dispenser design:Optional XL or XT Dispenser design
Finish:Chrome (other finishes available upon request)
Capacity:Up to 10 people per day
Under-bench size:340 mm h × 180 mm w × 500 mm d
Power supply:XL: 20 amps
XT: 10 amps

Font Information

Model:Optional Riser and Font (included in the product price)
* The default riser is 70 mm. If you would like the 120 mm riser, please let us know.

Tubing Information

Model:Optional tubing (included in the product price)

Additional information

Dispenser Type


Dispenser Finish

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Optional Riser & Font

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Optional Tubing Extension Kit