• Dispensing boiling, Chilled, Sparkling water
  • High Performance UV Instant Disinfection
  • Low pressure reminder of CO2 cylinder and water
  • Simple and elegant appearance
  • Touch buttons
  • Hot Water Safety Lock


Dimensions: (W) 240 × (D) 360 x (H)420 mm
Power Consumption AC 220-240V @ 50/60Hz(Cold Water 110W;Hot water 450W)
Water capacity (Cold) 8L/H
(Hot) 10L/H
(Sparkling) 6L/H(1-6°C/34-43°F)
Net Weight 14 kg
CO2 Content 6.7-10 gr/L
Suggested No. of persons 30 people
Filtration system External RO filtration(CE-200) /11G Pressure water storage tank
(W)270 x (D)380 × (H) 500 mm/Ф400 × H600 mm
Temperature (Cold &Sparkling) 1°C-10°C
(Hot) 85°C-95°C

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