What are the advantages of RO?

1. Health: Reverse Osmosis (RO) removes harmful contaminants while retaining some good minerals, which is beneficial to health and makes water taste fresh.


2. Environmental Benefits: RO can reduce glass and plastic waste, because there is no need for plastic water bottles, the production of which creates air, water and soil pollution as well as uses non-renewable oil byproducts. What’s more, some high quality RO models are also more energy and water efficient than other water filter systems.


3. Cost Saving: Compared with bottled water for a whole office, RO systems usually save more money in the long term. Also, RO systems avoid and reduce administration time and labor costs.


4. Quality: Compared with the bottled water which has been stored for a long time, RO systems provide fresher, cleaner water. Life Solutions RO systems have largely been chosen because they effectively and efficiently filter dirty water, and they reliably provide safe, clean drinking water for our clients.


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