The default color is black, and other colors can be customized with extra money (not limited to the color shown above).


The H₂Office is our best-selling product, due to its high capacity, highly efficient water delivery technology and slick design. Offering digitally temperature-controlled hot (100 °c), warm and cold water at the touch of a button, this system provides a user-friendly solution for any workplace. With a capacity of up to 90 people, it is suitable for almost every office floor. It also boasts a leakage detection system, auto-sterilization capability and a power saving function. The H₂Office also comes in a customisable range of colours.


– User-friendly LED digital temperature display
– Standby mode can use up to 60% less energy
– Safety lock on hot water
– Connectable to other devices, e.g. coffee machine, ice machine, etc.
– High-temperature auto sterilization [in storage tank water]
– Built-in leakage detection system
– Continuous flow
– Single or three faucet design
– Suitable for 70-90 people per day
– High quality NSF certified, Film Tec brand Reverse Osmosis filters


Dimensions: 460 mm d × 435 mm w × 1,325 mm h
Power consumption AC 220 V / 60 HZ / 2,245 W
Weight 52 kg (when empty)
Water tank capacity Cold 4 litre
Hot 21 litre
Warm 8 litre
Temperature Hot 85-100 ℃
Cold 4-12 ℃
5 Stage filter process Polypropylene pre-filter → Activated carbon filter → polypropylene pre-filters → RO membrane filter → activated carbon post filter
RO filter type FILMTEC Reverse Osmosis TFC membrane
(TW 30-1812-100)
Production capacity 200 gallons per day (757 litres)
Electrical safety Registered under EMS Electrical Products
(Taiwanese Safety regulation)

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