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As a basic unit, the CJ-175 offers clients a more economic option for drinking water with a capacity of up to 70 people. Providing hot (95°C), cold and warm water, it is a highly functional system and perfect for schools or canteens.


– User-friendly LED digital temperature display
– Standby mode can use up to 60% less energy
– Connectable to other devices, e.g. coffee machine, ice machine, etc.
– Large 25 litre warm water tank
– Multi-lever (hot, warm, cold) faucets
– Suitable for 50-70 people
– Suitable for simultaneous multi-users, like hospitals and schools
– Stainless steel, rust-proof housing
– High quality NSF certified, Film Tec brand Reverse Osmosis filters


Dimensions: 540 mm d × 430 mm w × 1,350 mm h
Power consumption AC 220 V / 60 HZ / 11,125 W
Weight 38 kg (when empty)
Water tank capacity Cold 3 litre
Hot 10 litre
Warm 25 litre
Temperature Hot 85-95 ℃
Cold 4-12 ℃
5 Stage filter process Polypropylene pre-filter → Activated carbon filter → polypropylene pre-filters → RO membrane filter → activated carbon post filter
Filter type FILMTEC Reverse Osmosis TFC membrane
(TW 30-1812-100)
Production capacity 100 gallons per day (378 litres)

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