Corporate Social Responsibility Has Merit in Many Ways

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) allows businesses of all sizes to endorse positive change. When companies choose to do what is right, it not only benefits their bottom line but it builds trust with their clients and impacts the greater good. When people use a product or service of a socially responsible company, they believe they are doing their part to make a difference.

CSR can refer to any effort to improve a company’s eco-friendliness and increase its social impact. Regardless of the undertaking, it helps build trust, raise awareness and encourage social change. Often, the more socially responsible the company, the more supportive the clients, consumers, and community. While thousands of companies are doing their part in a variety of ways, these initiatives overall have far-reaching results that are impacting major world issues, ranging from hunger and health to human rights and global warming.

Life Solutions is one such company doing CSR successfully. Specializing in the filtration and purification of water, they are committed to continually learning and sharing information about water quality, energy efficiency, and the impact of the plastics industry on global pollution in the Asia-Pacific region to be socially responsible. It is part of their overall social impact strategy – to give back, share and exchange knowledge in order to support a healthier, more environmentally sustainable planet.

Educational Seminars
They do this by providing educational lectures and seminars for
> Customers
> Charities
> Schools
> Social enterprises

Life Solutions China Co-Founder and Managing Director Jon Newton has been giving lectures across the country for more than 10 years. As a recognized expert, he ensures he continually advances his understanding of water shortages and the disruptive impact that pollution and waste have on health, ecosystems, and the environment. Then, he conveys this information to Life Solutions’ commercial and residential customers, employees and suppliers as well as volunteer organizations and the public throughout China to broaden their awareness.

Other leaders at Life Solutions give regular talks to encourage the public to participate in water conservation, understand the benefits of choosing water purification and foster proactive interest in sustainable development.

These educational lectures and seminars help the company develop new technologies and solutions that address these issues while actively influencing China’s transition to clean and healthy drinking water. Not only does it help improve Life Solutions’ products and services, but it allows them to be part of the broader conversation around social responsiveness, sustainability and healthy living.

With a focus on water contamination, scarcity and pollution, Life Solutions’ CSR efforts are supporting their corporate mission to promote China’s transition to high-quality, healthy drinking water. By using corporate social responsibility to protect the environment and improve the quality of life for the communities they impact every day, Life Solutions is making a difference.

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Plastic Bag Free Day: Small Efforts Add Up to Big Differences

Most people use plastic bags every day. Whether shopping for groceries or a new pair of jeans, most likely the retailers are placing their goods in plastic bags. While plastic bags may seem necessary for shopping, they are a big strain on the environment. It can take up to 500 years for plastic bags to disintegrate, which means they are a large part of landfills and contribute to polluting waterways, destroying wildlife, and harming human health.

International Plastic Bag Free Day, celebrated on July 3 this year, is a worldwide initiative that strives to heighten awareness of the damage caused by plastic bags and to eliminate the use of them. Plastic pollution is a global catastrophe that is man-made and part of the reason the ecosystems are suffering. Hundreds of marine mammals and sea bird species are known to have ingested marine plastic. Still, more have become entangled in plastic.

Additionally, plastic pollution is dangerous because it transports invasive species, which can have adverse effects on biodiversity. People are not immune from the impact either. Plastic particles in the ocean attract toxins, which enter the food chain and can lead to poor health.

Small efforts add up to big differences.

International Plastic Bag Free Day is an opportunity to consider that every plastic bag used and disposed of affects the world for generations to come. Created to get rid of the plastic bags around the world for environmental conservation, International Plastic Bag Free Day encourages eliminating them for more eco-friendly alternatives.

Every action, regardless of how big or small, helps. Some countries have taken bold steps and opted for bans on plastic bags, like China, Israel, South Africa, Italy and Rwanda. Some companies have initiated their own programs to contribute to the cause.

Life Solutions, a leading sustainable company responsible for providing clean, safe, and healthy drinking water through water filtration systems is one such example.

Through its Yangtze River Plastic Recycling program at Wusong Pao Taiwan Wetland Forest Park in the Baoshan District, a protected area located in the last section of the Yangtze River Delta, Life Solution employees volunteered their time recycling plastic. In cooperation with the Green Initiative, this recycling effort actively contributed to protecting rivers, marine life and ecosystems overall. By doing social impact work and sharing the importance of being socially responsible, they helped to make a difference.

Every day millions of plastic bags get used and discarded. Without countries, organizations and people getting involved now there will be hundreds of millions of pounds of plastic clogging oceans and rivers in the future. Choosing paper or cloth over plastic bags – even for one day – makes a difference. If the use of plastic bags can be eliminated on this one day, it can be done throughout the year. And as a result of this continuous effect, the dangers associated with plastic bags, like the harm they have on marine life, animal life, and nature, can be reduced.

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A Workplace Evolution

Workplace Changes offer Opportunities to Design for the Future

Many of you may still remember when offices used to be row upon row of desks, or when cubicles were popular in the 1980s and 1990s…

In those days, health and safety, workplace comfort, environmental sustainability, and thoughtful experience design were yet to be considered. Compared with the high quality, sustainable and human-centered designs of today, few people would want to return to those types of workplaces now.

We spend most of our adult life, so it makes sense to design spaces that are healthy, safe, and comfortable with low environmental footprint. These new design trends often include collaborative workspaces or ensuring that pantry and kitchen areas are spacious, organized, and fit-out to meet the needs of staff, customers, and other visitors. Whether the designs have been driven by innovating clients and designers, or demographic changes, the modern-day workplace can create value well beyond just ROI.

Pioneering companies and designers have the led the way in the evolution of the modern day office.

For over 10 years, Life Solutions have been working with interior designers, architects, and project and facility managers to ensure that end users have what they need in their offices. We offer both traditional stand-alone and counter-top water filtration systems [link to classic systems webpage] as well as innovative, excellent quality Billi taps for premium offices, hotels, hospitals, serviced apartments and private homes.

We would be happy to speak with you about how we can help you to build the workplaces of tomorrow in China.

“The natural choice”
Life Solutions
Clean and healthy water
for business and residential clients

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World Oceans Day is
a Reminder of the Greater Good

The United Nations celebrates World Oceans Day every year on June 8. The purpose of this Day is to inform people around the world about how their actions impact the ocean, gain support to protect the ocean, and encourage proactive management of the world’s oceans.

Despite their vastness and awe-inspiring beauty, oceans play a key role in everyday life. They sustain the planet, are a major source of food and medicine, and are a critical part of the biosphere.

This year, the theme for World Oceans Day 2021 is The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods. Hand in hand with this highlighted topic are intentions to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources by 2030. The focus is to help understand the wonder of oceans and how they are a life source that supports humans as well as every organism on Earth.

Lately, the threat and consequences of global warming and climate change have given a more significant and renewed appreciation for the planet’s oceans and marine life. To convey the importance of oceans, consider these figures:

Oceans account for more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. The majority of the Earth’s surface consumed by ocean reveals how vital marine environments are to the planet.

With much of the Earth’s surface underwater, marine species make up more than 90 percent of the planet’s living species, outnumbering those on land.

According to the World Register of Marine Species, there are more than 240,000 accepted species and new marine life is discovered every day.

More than 70 percent of the planet’s oxygen is produced by the ocean, specifically marine plants, and algae.

With World Oceans Day comes a collective duty to raise global awareness of the benefits derived from oceans and use its resources sustainably. Life Solutions is doing its part to contribute. Besides having a corporate responsibility to clients and society to provide safe and clean drinking water to people in China, the company’s mission and values include a responsibility to sustain the environment. Their social impact work in and out of the office is making a big difference.

When clients buy and use their clean water delivery systems, Life Solutions is making a positive impact. Not only are our system energy-efficient, but we avoid using plastic drinking bottles that use more energy and water to produce. Also, plastic drinking bottles do not decompose, making them an environmental hazard and a waste of valuable resources.

Yangtze River Plastic Pick Up

Additionally, Life Solutions makes a social impact by collaborating with partners on projects and programs that benefit society, such as their Meatless Monday and Paperback Programs. We conduct educational seminars that provide understanding based on evidence and experience. Our hands-on work, like participating in the Yangtze River Plastic Pick Up and donating water filtration systems and ongoing maintenance services to charities for access to clean drinking water, directly impacts people as well as the environment.

Most importantly, Life Solutions recognizes the importance of doing right in today’s global, dynamic and complex world. We continue to learn, grow and contribute in areas that are relevant for improving overall health, water security, and water quality. And, this is consistent with what World Oceans Day strives to achieve each year.

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Despite Many Choices, There Is Only One Solution: Life Solutions

Life Solutions

Today’s abundance of consumer options can stall decision-making and even harm personal well-being. People are constantly making decisions. According to research, the average person makes about 35,000 choices a day. And these decisions run the gambit, like what to wear, what to eat, where to eat, who to spend time with, whether or not to exercise and what time to meet friends. The list is endless.

However, when it comes to clean drinking water, there is only one solution and that is Life Solutions. For more than 17 years, Life Solutions has been providing clean water to thousands of people in international companies throughout Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China. Companies that withstand economic downturns, fierce competition and unpredicted crises typically provide long-term value to their clients. Life Solutions is one of those companies that successfully maintain long standing partnerships and client relationships by providing expertly designed clean drinking water solutions. They know that clean water is essential to ensure a happy business and healthy employees. 

While there are many reasons why Life Solutions is top choice, here are three rationales – based on feedback from its clients – as to why Life Solutions is a leader in its industry:

1. Quality tested and certified products and components
Life Solutions’ products are verified. They are compliant with China’s CCC certification for consumer goods products, and the company’s filtration products surpass China’s CJ94-5000 drinking water industry standard. Additionally, Life Solutions internationally recognized NSF certified water filters is in all of the Reverse Osmosis products, including the classic stand-alone systems. The premium quality Billi model goes even further, securing both Chinese and Australian quality and water industry certifications. The Billi Eco, Quadra and Quadra Plus models have the rigorous Global Green Tag LCA Rate “Gold” certification, which allows clients and business partners to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility.

2. A professional, reliable and responsive team
Life Solutions is committed to delivering excellent service. Its skilled staff goes above and beyond their promise to meet all of the needs of clients and business partner. Most importantly, they are dedicated to helping sustain businesses well into the future. Not only do employees maintain a high standard of quality, but they achieve a sense of great satisfaction when they meet the needs, expectations and product specifications of clients and partners. The pride they take in their work along with their outstanding service, regardless of the phase the client is in for having clean, safe drinking water, is a winning combination.

3. Customized clean water solutions
Besides their experience and expertise, what makes Life Solutions stand apart from others is their ability to accommodate and satisfy clients. Whether they are installing a large, medium or small clean drinking water system, their solutions are shaped and tailored to clients’ requests. No matter what the health and productivity needs are, they consider the space and develop a specific solution. These include premium taps for resorts, hotels, airports, offices, restaurants, hospitals and clinics as well as private homes.

Our clients say it best

Hines, one of the largest privately held real estate investors and managers in the world, is a pleased client of Life Solutions. With clean drinking water supplied through Life Solutions’ Billi water filtration systems, Hines’ tenants enjoy freshwater with their morning tea or coffee, and a chilled glass of water all day long. And according to Echo Wang, Director at Hines, the water tastes fresh and is excellent to drink.

This testament along with the company’s reputation for providing outstanding clean drinking water systems and excellent service makes Life Solutions the top choice.

Addtional Information
[1] CCC(3C)
CCC is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese government in accordance with the relevant WTO agreements and international rules, in order to protect the life safety of consumers, animals, and plants, protect the environment and protect national security.
Source:Baidu baike

[2] CJ94-2005 Chinese water industry standard
CJ94-2005 is the standard of drinking water quality of urban industry standard of the people’s Republic of China. This standard is applicable to the direct drinking water of the pipeline which can be directly consumed by the user after being purified by taking tap water or water source water which meets the standard of drinking water quality as raw water.
Source:Baidu wenku

[3] NSF
NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) has been dedicated to protecting and improving global human health since 1944.  The NSF mark assures consumers, retailers, and regulators that certified products have been rigorously tested to comply with all standard requirements.

Life Solutions Is the Perfect Solution for Clean Water

Life Solutions knows about water, and for nearly two decades the company has effectively provided clean drinking water solutions.

Blake Ireland

It was Blake Ireland, who founded Life Solutions in Hong Kong in 2003 and made it his mission to inspire China’s transition to clean and healthy drinking water. His belief – and vision – was for everyone to have an alternative to bottled water and live in a healthier environment.

Jon Newton

After joining forces with co-founder Jon Newton five years later, the partners set out to fulfill this undertaking by offering environmentally-friendly solutions for clean water, providing exceptional customer service, and educating thousands of people across Greater China about the importance of reducing their dependence on bottled water.

Today, Life Solutions specializes in the filtration and purification of water. Readily able to supply, install and maintain water filtration systems, the company is recognized for providing systems for both potable water as well as washing water. With offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and dedicated service centers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Macau, Life Solutions services high-end, private residencies, local institutions, and international corporations in more than 25 cities across Greater China.

What has been behind Life Solution’s success? According to Mr. Ireland, it has been the company’s strong belief in the greater benefits of clean water and their continuous focus on the value of their clean water solutions. Along with these principles, Life Solutions and its employees take great pride in ensuring that customers’ needs are met. They stay focused on four key benefits:

  • A highly trained in-house technical team that is responsible for all installations and maintenance.
  • A customized service team that is available 24/7 to all customers throughout all of the company’s service centers.
  • A diverse product range that includes installations at schools, offices, hotels, airports, and hospitals.
  • Flexible payment options for their product line.

In addition to ensuring that everyone in Greater China has access to clean and healthy water, Life Solutions emphasizes sustainability. The company and its employees continually contribute to improving society and protecting the environment. While their mission is simple, they believe it is important to leave a sustainable environment for future generations. To this end, the benefits of Life Solutions’ clean drinking water solutions are many, spanning health, environment, cost and quality.

Besides removing 99% of contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides and bacteria, the advantages of Life Solutions filtration systems include reducing medical conditions like cancer, preventing unnecessary pollution and waste caused by the plastic bottled water industry, being more cost-effective than bottled water, and improving overall standards for drinking water.

Achieving these benefits is not only admirable but provides a great sense of accomplishment. And that is why Life Solutions is the perfect solution for clean, quality water.

Earth Day 2021 Aims to Restore the Earth

From April 20-22, the world will commemorate Earth Day 2021. This year, in an effort to prevent coming disasters like climate change and environmental destruction, the theme is “Restore Our Earth™.”

Around the world, climate leaders, grassroots activists, innovators, thought leaders, industry leaders, and influencers will push for a better world. Discussions will focus on natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative ways for restoring the world’s ecosystems. The topics will be widespread, spanning climate and environmental literacy, climate restoration technologies, reforestation efforts, regenerative agriculture, equity and environmental justice, cleanups, among others.

Earth Day, the anniversary of the modern environmental movement, has been in the making for decades. Established in the United States in 1970, more than 50 years ago, Earth Day was recognized for inciting an ongoing forum for consciously and publicly focusing on the condition of the planet. It was propelled by people consuming vast amounts of leaded gas through giant, inefficient automobiles. With the development of industries came smoke, sludge, and air pollution without any recognition of its consequences – at the time, the world was unaware of the negative impact these elements had on the environmental and human health.

In 1962, Rachel Carson’s New York Times bestseller Silent Spring became a turning point for raising public awareness and concern for the environment and the complicated connection between pollution and people’s health. As time passed, different groups of environmental leaders organized important campaigns for the planet, like furthering recycling efforts around the world. Groups that had been protesting separately against oil spills, polluting factories and power plants, raw sewage, toxic dumps, pesticides, freeways, and the loss and extinction of wildlife united on Earth Day because of their shared common values.

Over the years campaigns focused on global warming and a push for clean energy, and Earth Day became recognized as one of the largest observances in the world for taking action to change human behavior and create policy changes to address environmental concerns. Today, the fight for a clean environment continues with increasing importance as the effects of climate change become more evident. 

And with the growing crisis of climate change, people around the world are demanding greater action to protect the Earth and its people, and ensure a different way forward. New technologies, like digital and social media, are bringing conversations and demonstrations to a new level, empowering people with the information, tools, and messaging necessary to make a positive impact and drive change.

Celebrated by millions around the world, Earth Day this year focuses fittingly on the need to reduce people’s impact on the planet while recovering from the effects of COVID-19 as well as on how people can contribute in making a lasting impact to restore the Earth.

To take part in Earth Day, thousands of online and in-person events have been planned, ranging from learning about the challenges to participating in a clean-up to hearing influential leaders and famous personalities discuss the importance of making the Earth a healthier place to live.

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Building a Fairer, Healthier World-World Health Day

On April 7th every year, the World Health Organization – a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health – chooses a specific theme to highlight. The theme, which has included universal health coverage, depression, diabetes, and health safety in the past, sets the tone for the world stage. This year’s focus for World Health Day is “to build a fairer, healthier world”.

Chosen with the recent pandemic top of mind, this topic reminds everyone that the world is not equal. As the COVID-19 coronavirus has demonstrated, some people have better access to health care than others just because of their circumstances – like where they live, how old they are, and their ethnic background. Around the world, people have struggled with low income, unsatisfactory housing, no education, lack of health care, and scarce employment. Additionally, factors like gender inequality, safe environments, clean water and air, and food security have contributed to this imbalance. As a result, there has been illness that was avoidable, needless suffering, and unnecessary deaths. 

While COVID-19 has impacted all countries, its effect has been harshest on communities that were already vulnerable, particularly those more exposed to the disease, those less likely to have access to quality health care, and those more likely to experience adverse consequences due to efforts to contain the pandemic.

This disparity is unfair, but it can be prevented. For this reason, World Health Day this year is appealing to leaders to help ensure that everyone has wholesome living and working conditions. Also, leaders are urged to monitor health inequities and make sure everyone is able to access quality care whenever and wherever they need it.

In connection with this year’s World Health Day theme, having access to clean water is one of the simplest ways for many people to stay healthy. Clean water provides nourishment. Since the human body consists mostly of water, adequate hydration is necessary for bodily systems to function. It helps maintain organs and enables the blood to flow freely and transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Importantly, it helps the body get rid of toxins developed from bodily reactions, obtained from outside sources, or due to the consumption of tainted water.

Clean water also prevents diseases. Many fatal medical conditions, like cholera and typhoid, occurred because contaminated water was consumed. Clean water eliminates many risks associated with water from sewage and contaminated sites like industries.
In addition, clean water is essential for agriculture and food production. If crops and grains are produced with contaminated water, the bacteria and disease spreads to those who consume them. This is why clean water is needed for sanitation purposes as well. When people do not clean themselves or their clothes with clean water, or cook food with contaminated water, it contributes to more disease and illness.

Although having access to clean water is just one important way to support good health, every bit contributes to building a fairer and healthier world.

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World Water Day Advocates for a Vital Resource

World Water Day is an annual observance of the importance of clean water. Taking place on March 22, World Water Day strives to raise awareness of the benefits of water, acknowledge the seriousness of the global water crisis, and advocate for the sustainable management of fresh water resources.

Water, a substance often taken for granted, is a vital resource with wide-reaching benefits that span food, health, cleanliness, culture, and safety of natural environments and habitation. It is unique because it is the only natural substance found in all three physical states of liquid, solid, and gas. Additionally, it is sometimes referred to as the “universal solvent” since it dissolves more substances than any other liquid. When water flows, whether it is through the ground or through people’s bodies, it takes with it chemicals, minerals, and nutrients.

World Water Day was introduced nearly 30 years ago at the United Nations Conference for Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. However, it was not officially observed until the following year. It supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 6: Water and sanitation for all by 2030. To achieve this important goal and make it a priority around the globle, the United Nations declared the 10-year period from 2018 to 2028 to be Water Action Decade.

As World Water Day aims to spread awareness about the ongoing water crisis worldwide and the benefits of clean water, it encourages communities to take action to resolve it. Everyone can contribute to making a difference.

Despite being the world’s fastest-growing economy for years, so you know China has been facing a serious water issue?
Click the image to learn more.

Some simple actions include taking shorter showers to conserve water, eating meatless once a week since animals and their feed require a lot of water, and filtering water.

Do you know the clean drinking water solutions can not just save the earth but also your wallet?
Click the image to find out more!

Filtering water is one of the most effective ways to confront the water crisis. Not only does it provide clean, healthy water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning, but it prevents waste. Rather than “flushing” water to reduce contaminants, options like clean drinking water solutions or water filtration products can purify water by removing pollutants.

They can include carbon charcoal filters in a pitcher or as part of a faucet-mount, ultraviolet light units or reverse osmosis, water distillers, or another form of water treatment process.

All Life Solutions’ filtration products are CCC (3C) certified and exceed the CJ94-2005 Chinese water industry standard for drinking water purification. We use NSF-certified water filters in all our RO products.

Water filtration has other benefits as well, like eliminating the need for bottled water and water delivery services, and protecting the environment from damage caused by plastic water bottles. Furthermore, it prevents additional contamination from overworked water treatment facilities that are unable to handle the influx of contaminated water. By filtering water, less contaminants pollute the public water supply. Life Solutions’ water filtration systems for potable water and other commercial water applications are ideal for producing clean water that removes contaminants and helps to protect the environment.

Life Solutions LANA (UR-1302A) in Hong Kong Airport
Click the image to learn more about why clean water is important!

Even though water means different things to different people, it is essential for everyone. And everyone can contribute in some way to conserving water and solving the water crisis. Small changes can make a big impact in protecting and cherishing this vital resource.

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Addtional Information
[1] CCC(3C)
CCC is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese government in accordance with the relevant WTO agreements and international rules, in order to protect the life safety of consumers, animals, and plants, protect the environment and protect national security.
Source:Baidu baike

[2] CJ94-2005 Chinese water industry standard
CJ94-2005 is the standard of drinking water quality of urban industry standard of the people’s Republic of China. This standard is applicable to the direct drinking water of the pipeline which can be directly consumed by the user after being purified by taking tap water or water source water which meets the standard of drinking water quality as raw water.
Source:Baidu wenku

[3] NSF
NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) has been dedicated to protecting and improving global human health since 1944.  The NSF mark assures consumers, retailers, and regulators that certified products have been rigorously tested to comply with all standard requirements.

30th HOTELEX Expo Invitation



We are delighted to invite all of you to join us at the 30th HOTELEX Expo!

The long-term support and trust of our clients and business partners are the driving force behind what we do. We are incredibly grateful for these relationships and sincerely looking forward to sharing our exciting new solutions. The Life Solutions invites you to come join us and we are sincerely looking forward to seeing you.

Our development is inseparable from every client, and we look forward to getting your suggestions on site.

Thank you and we hope to see you at HOTELEX.

Team Life Solutions

Exhibition Dates
March 29-31, 2021

Exhibition address
Puxi Shanghai·Hongqiao @ National Convention and Exhibition Center333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, 1F Stand 5.1C66

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