Premium Billi Systems
Our Billi Quadra, Quadra Plus and Eco models have all achieved Global Green Tag Gold certification for energy efficiency.
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Water tests can identify contaminants and prevent water-borne diseases. Millions of water quality tests are carried out daily to fulfill regulatory requirements, to check water quality levels, and to maintain safety. We are happy to provide a free water test for you.

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(Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Only)
Our Story
Set up to supply, install and maintain water filtration systems, we provide systems for both potable water as well as washing water. With Life Solutions offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong and dedicated service centers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Macau, we service clients in more than 25 Chinese cities.
Classic Stand-Alone Water Filtration Systems
All our filtration products are CCC (3C) certified and exceed the CJ94-2005 Chinese water industry standard for drinking water purification. We use NSF certified water filters in all our RO products.
EF Education First
As one of the largest global education providers, EF has a strong presence in China and widespread geographical footprint. We are incredibly proud to be EF’s service provider for clean and healthy water in more over 20 cities in the region. Over a number of years, we have fostered a collaborative long term relationship that spreads across many of their campuses, schools and management offices.
Regarded by many as the premium water filtration service provider in the region, we are often recommended by designers and project management firms because of our unwavering approach towards product and water quality, as well as our professional service delivery.
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Paperback Program
We are proud to participate in Green Initiative's Paperback program to save trees, space, and the planet!
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Educational Seminars
Life Solutions provides educational talks and seminars that broadens knowledge for clients, companies, and schools of the water quality in China as well as the global pollution caused by the plastic bottle water industry.
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Meat Free Monday
Life Solutions decided to decrease our meat consumption by refusing to eat meat on Mondays, therefore decreasing our water waste as well as our energy and resources consumption for the planet, our health, and our company values!
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Internship Program
At Life Solutions, we see an internship program as a mutually benefiting partnership.
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Yangtze River Plastic Pick Up
Life Solutions and Green Initiatives staff worked all day picking up trash along the Yangtze River.
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Our Partners
At Life Solutions, we constantly work towards our mission of inspiring China’s transition to clean and healthy drinking water through our water filtration products, services and our Corporate Social Responsibility work with our partners.